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Charmaine Charles

The World Famous Apollo Theatre is where Actor, Singer and Educator Charmaine Charles made her professional debut. She has enjoyed national commercials and co-starring roles on all the major network channels but "The Stage" is her sanctuary! Speaking of sanctuary she is a proud member of "The Music and Arts Department" of Faithful Central Bible Church, FCBC Repertory actor and featured soloist with “One Voice” choir –all under impeccable leadership of her well-loved and highly esteemed pastor, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer.
Charmaine's passions are performing and teaching with the ultimate goal of establishing her own Academic and Arts Academy. She is grateful for her loving family and true friends. She dedicates each "heartfelt" performance in the priceless memory of her one true heart, her father Mr. Philip Charles. She established a performance based non-profit, “Heaven’s Hearts via the Arts”, in his honor to enhance awareness, treatment and support for Cardiomyopathy. The 2015 launch for HHVA can be viewed on

Production Summary:
*Stand In/Production Assistant –“Monique” (The Parkers, Hair Show Feature, Pepsi Super Bowl-Spike Lee Director)
*Production Assistant- Tony Danza (Who’s the Boss)
*Production Assistant-Pilots: Tony Danza (Living Dolls) Vicky Lyn Reynolds (Sugar and Spice)
*Production Assistant- Staff (Married with Children)
*Production Assistant- Marla Gibbs (227)
*Background Coordinator-various projects
*California Assistant – Hal Jackson (WBLS/KGFJ/Talented Teens International)

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