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Gracemarie Serafina

Gracemarie hales form an Italian, Irish Catholic family of TEN! She may only stand 5’2” but she is petite, powerful and perky. She is told that when she enters a room it lights up. People gravitate to her because of her illuminating presence and the ability to make you feel wonderful about yourself. She is a true humanitarian for which she won the Amy McNutt Humanitarian Award at William Woods University where she received a BFA in dance and theatre.
One of her favorite sayings is: “Life’s a banquet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death!” She wants to find the magic in the day and the joy in situations that may seem challenging. It is important to her to have integrity, morals and values and to always be sharpening your brain. This is why she started “Girls with Grace” a 101 to social graces.
Gracemarie loves the 1940’s and 1950’s. She loves old movies and the arts. She is a bit of a romantic. As for music, she loves pretty much anything.
She has danced with some ballet companies, as well as, The Los Angeles Opera and has worked in several T.V., Films and Plays. Gracemarie has produced and starred in "Lucky Charm" a short which was shown at the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. She also created a webseries "Happy hOUR" which she produces and stars. She accredits her parents for lighting the flame for culture and giving her the opportunity to experience her passion for the Fine Arts.
Gracemarie is a lover of people and animals. She says her Alaskan malamute part wolf Max and Amy, a corgy pug, are the best part of her. She feels people tend to put too much value on outer beauty and age; but says that we are not attracted to a number, but rather energy and a soul.
It is her belief we should treat ourselves with respect and dignity so that we can treat others the same. She encourages everyone to make a commitment to yourself to live your authentic selves. “It is never too late. Dare to be different, to be the example, a mentor. To live in the strength of truth because the truth will set you free and the truth always prevails.
Life is an adventure walk. So find the joy and magic on the way; always shining your light brightly!”

BFA in Dance and Theatre
Studied with Steve Eastin, Kris Kyer, Barbara Divisek,Megan Foley and Jerry Douglas.
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GraceMarie Serafina

Ballet,Modern,Swing dancing.
Massage Therapist
Cooking and Baking!