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Jacqueline Tozzi

Jacqueline is a fiery woman that hails from the east coast. Growing up with an extremely supportive, loving, and large Irish/Italian family created a safe environment for her to indulge in her creative desires at a very young age. Creation and performance, whether it be comedic, dramatic, or through music has always been her number one passion. Her work is raw, natural, compassionate, and she believes her goal in life is to help people feel...laugh...cry...all of the above!

...she just wrapped the feature film "Night Owls", appearing in LA Film Festival this upcoming year and is currently a host for Surfing Magazine's televised media.

Singing, Guitar, Modeling, Improvisation, Surfing, Yoga, US Passport, Driver's License, Skateboarding, M1 License, Hosting, Hiking, Swimming, Spanish, Accents, Characters.