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JULIANNA is an actress/model. She's passionate on her many talents. She plays guitar, sings & loves to dance from Latin to Ballroom. She loves meeting people & enjoying the journey of the entertainment biz! ?

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Julianna's Resume

Archery, Bowling, Cycling, (Beginner) Equestrian, Frisbee, Golf, Handball, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Swimming, Trampoline, Dance Argentine Tango, Dance Ballroom, Dance Cha Cha, Dance Modern, Dance Rumba, Dance Salsa, Dance Tango, Guitar, Improvisation, Modeling, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Whistler.

1 year guitar (intermediate), singer (10 months-beginner). 3 years Artist-1 year sculpting, 1 1/2 years watercolors, 1 year chalk art & 1 year sketching. Golf, animal lover, monkey bars, swings, potato sack racer, kickball, board games, computer literate.
4 years of Ballroom dancing of different styles. Hula hoops long period of time. Swims in deep end for a short period of time.