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Paul has taken up the role of professional actor from a position of professional "Showman‟ a role he has held
for more than 20 years of his adult life.
Born into the Showman's/funfairs way of life in England, Paul has developed powers of super perception. His livelihood
has always depended on his ability to be 100% convincing in every character role he has had to play.
“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” this famous quotation from William Sh
akespeare epitomizes the life of a showman and illustrates beautifully his ability to transfer his life skills to acting.
Paul has an innate talent to captivate an audience and this has predicated superb ability to fill roles with life from the instinct of heart and emotion. He has proved time and again that he is able to empower an audience to feel and express that which may otherwise remain unexpressed.
Paul operates from a place of desire to delight film, stage and television audiences with acting which has been skillfully taught and comes very naturally to him. He has recently starred as the Lead Actor in a Feature Film been involved with a number of Hollywood Blockbusters, a British historical drama, and a stage play. Forerunners to what is likely to be an impressive portfolio of acting roles for this promising and very able actor.
Despite devoting such time and effort to his impressive career, Paul has managed to maintain a sensible work
/life balance, not letting his business activities interfere with his role as a father of a beautiful daughter. He also devotes time to mentoring.
A role model for many, this successful man is all the more charming for his down to earth and
modest attitude which instills that elusive on set dynamic that many others can only dream about. Within the
world of show business Paul is determined to enhance and maintain his reputation as a reliable, capable, talented actor who is totally committed to every project he is involved with.
To meet or audition Paul or for more information please do not hesitate to call or email his agent.

Professional and composed, Great Presence, Courteous and easy-going. Skills – Archery, Long sword, good
football, gym instructor, golf snooker, table tennis moderate horse riding. Clean Driving Licence. Broad range of accents including most UK regional accents, Excellent level of ability to learn foreign languages. Sanford Meisner. His thoughts method and conclusions. These are the one's I aspire to instil into my acting work when bringing a character to life. I know how to bring a character to life and I also know what the camera requires, as well as what the editor looks for. Certainly able to take direction. As you would expect! I am easy going and able to take direction. I have a "we can do this" mindset. Composed and great presence whether on or off screen. Always prepared and never late. I know how to hit a mark and keep acting with continuity of expression and gestures. As you would expect. Auditioning me will not be a waste of your time.

Skin Colour
Hair Mid Length.
Native accent English.
Accents (UK)
Birmingham, English, standard, Lancashire, Manchester, Northern England, Northern Irish, Northern Working Class, Somerset, Welsh, Southern, Yorkshire
Accents (North American)
Southern American
Accents (International)
Eastern European, Greek, Italian
Languages Spoken
English, Greek, Italian, Russian
Interested in
Film, TV, Modelling, Theatre, Voice Over.
Experienced in
Film Theatre Voice Over
General Dance Skills.
Member of British Equity.
Stage Combat Skills.

Driving Licences
Perform nude?
Only Professionally
DBS checked
Yes (within last 12 months)