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Roberto Zibetti


My name is Roberto Zibetti, I was born in Summit, N.J. , my acting range is 35-45.

Although I was been born in the States, my whole family is Italian and I grew up in Torino, a city in the northern part of Italy.

I speak perfect English with a mid-atlantic accent and I can make up many Eurpean accents. I also speak perfect French, practically without an accent. I can eventually speak Spanish, Portuguese and German at a basic level.


I consider myself a carachter actor and I often have been cast for lead or supporting roles with a dark edge, although I have a personal taste for romantic comedy.

I recently played  a comic lead role in Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi ( Farewell Fucking Green Faces), a science-fiction surreal comedy, first feature-film  of greatly successfull neapolitan youtubers  The JackaL: in this film, directed by Francesco Ebbasta, I play the curious carachter of an alien, something in between a Matrix’s Merovingius and a revisited David Bowie; producers and distributors are very happy with this film which will be released in September 2017 and is highly expected  on the Italian film market.

In 2015 I played a nice role in Abel Ferarra’s Pasolini ( starring Willem Defoe, presented in Venice in 2015).

This year, besides the JackaL’s film and some guest roles in different Italian TV series , I just finished acting in the last play directed by Luca Ronconi, on of the greatest Italian directors,  at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, Lehman Trilogy, in which I had the role of senator Herbert Lehman; and I will  soon be in the cast of Mario Martone’s The Death of Danton,  which will be touring  Italy in May-June 2017.

Despite my Italian origins I look more as a northern (or eastern) european guy and for this reason I consider the US and the European English-speaking film market as the place where my skills and specifics could be best exploited commercially in the next future. My main goals for 2017 are indeed in this direction, including finding a proper representation in Hollywood or/and in London.

I live between Paris and Rome.







About my training, my career and my skills

I first started my training  as an actor when I was very young, in Turin,  between the age of 15 and 19. I started working as a professional actor at the age of 20. I had my first lead role in cinema( Chronicle of a violated love, by Giacomo Battiato, very dramatic) at the age of 21.

In my career I was lucky enough to work with the great masters of the European theatre, Luca Ronconi, Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, Klaus Michael Grüber among the others, as well as with the great names of Italian cinema, including directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci ( Stealing Beauty, starring Jeremy Irons and Liv Tyler, presented in Cannes in 1996), Dario Argento ( Sleepless), Marco Tullio Giordana ( The hundred steps), Luciano Ligabue, Maurizio Zaccaro, among many others. I also played quite a few lead roles in different Italian TV series.

Concerning my American side: I  was an exchange-student in Columbia, South Carolina, at the age of 16 ; I lived in New York between 2000 and 2001, training my acting with Susan Batson and my speeech with Sam Schwat (of the NY Speech Improvement) ; I lived in LA for six months both in 2001  and 2013 and trained my acting skills with Ivana Chubbuck.  My actor’s training also includes Michael Margotta ( Rome) and Jack Waltzer ( Paris).

Last but not least, I founded in 1997 a Theatre Company and a research project which lead me, through the years, to experiment myself both as a stage and film Director. I produced, directed and interpreted more than  a few plays, as well as a short film in 16mm, Green. It would be too long to quote all the different projects that came out of this long path in which I invested alot of energy and money in the last fifteeen years, all developed crossing  different art forms ( film, theatre, music, dance, new technologies) and often in collaboration  with very known public institutions ( Biennale of Venice, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa). One of the first of these many projects, very succesfull,  was a monologue from J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye;  one of the last one is a famous italian XVI century poem, called Jerushalem Delivered , by Torquato Tasso, which I perform in theatres with the live background of three great musicians (classic guitar, electronic sounds, cello  and voice).