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Born in Albania and moved to England at the age of 5. Silva is bilingual, knowing both the English and Albanian language fluently. Her mother wanted her to be a doctor (as every parent does) but she decided to disappoint and be an actress instead. What does she like? Dogs. If a human dies onscreen she'll drop a tear, but if a dog dies, she'd be an emotional wreck for weeks. TV and Books. Avatar: The Last Airbender is her favourite TV show. She has been watching it since she was 12, and 10 years later, she is still watching it.  Books. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower- she still thinks about it until this day. And finally, wine. But only the good stuff! Views on life? Just one. “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We're all going to die. Come watch TV."
In terms of her acting career, she set about after graduating in Film & TV at The University Of Greenwich in 2011.  She began to get herself into short films and independent features through Casting Call Pro and then was able to obtain her Spotlight account and then an agent. Sound so easy! But it wasn't! Since then, she's been taking classes in martial arts, acting workshops, private lessons, stage combat and practising at home.